For the NBC-affiliated television station in Columbus, Ohio that formerly held the WLWC call letters, see WCMH-TV.

1997-1998 Edit


On April 14, 1997 WLWC began broadcasting as a Primary WB Affiliate, prior to that date, WB programming in New Beford, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island was provided on cable systems by Boston WB Affiliate WLVI-TV and Superstation WGN. On July 31, 1997 WLWC along with WWHO was purchased by Paramount Stations Group from Fant Broadcasting, and added UPN as a Secondary affiliate that same year.

1997-2000 Edit


This was used as a secondary logo for WLWC's secondary affiliation with UPN until 1998 when it rebranded that fall as UPN 28 but carried The WB primary until the fall of 2000.

2000-2002 Edit

WLWC 2001

In the Fall of 2000, the station became a Primary UPN Affiliate and a Secondary WB Affiliate.

2002-2006 Edit

WLWC 2002

2006-2016 Edit


2016-2017 Edit

The CW Providence

2017-present Edit

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