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1924-1925 Edit


1925-1926 Edit

Columbia 1925

1926-1932 Edit


This is the first logo to have the Columbia Lady holding a torch, a concept that continues to be used for the company's subsequent logos, albeit in several modified forms.

1932-1933 Edit

This logo looks slightly similar to the Starbucks logo.

1933-1936 Edit


1936-1964 Edit

1936-1993 Edit

Coming Soon!

Despite it no longer being a print logo in 1964, the Torch Lady was still used in this design until 1993.

1936–1938 Edit


1938-1945 Edit

Columbia 1938

1945-1964 Edit


1964-1975 Edit

Columbia Pictures 1960s

1975-1981 Edit

Columbia Pictures Logo 1975 (Stacked)
The famous sunburst logo was said by modern fans to be similar to logos for hotels, such as Days Inn and La Quinta Inn.

1981-1989 Edit


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1989-1993 Edit


1993-present Edit

Columbia Pictures-0
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